Manager App [Spam, Already a Manager]

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Manager App [Spam, Already a Manager]

Post by Guest on 2011-03-07, 10:46 pm

1. What is your name? James

2. What is your STEAM ID? STEAM_0:1:15597118

3. Have you ever hacked before?yes

4. Have you ever been banned before?yes

5. Why do you want to join?To make the BEST MG EVER!!!

6. Do you have thorough understanding of the rules of server managers?indeed i do

7. Are you well versed in reporting server issues and griefers? Yes but mic spammers varies

8. Are you willing to devote time to managing the servers? Indeed I do

9. Which server do you want to manage? MG

10. List 2 referrals....... Groov and .... idk who else Sad


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Re: Manager App [Spam, Already a Manager]

Post by ClockOFroh on 2011-03-07, 10:59 pm

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