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Something about school... Empty Something about school...

School is required to have a successful life from what I heard. Yeah sure you make new friends here and there and learn math, science, english and all the other fun stuff (NOT REALLY), but seriously. ITS BORING AS SHIT. Bad enough you have to sit in a desk writing notes, notes and nothing but notes. When my math teacher teaches, I yawn at least a gazillion times before she even finishes teaching. My science teacher is cool and all, but he blanks me out when I write notes. ENGLISH makes me want to jump out of the window and other classes aren't that bad.

Like c'mon. At LEAST try and make it more enjoyable. THIS is how things should be if i'm in charge.

AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS, everyone should make a circle around the middle of the classroom like an arena. If you answer a question wrong, you will have to go in the arena. If another person answer a question wrong he will also go in. Now with two people in the middle of the class, people from the outside will throw weapons such as rulers or books. They must duke it out and the winner gets to step out, OR continue and let the other guy go. If the winner decides to stay he must fight a lion. If he wins the lion must go back to his cage and the winner gets a good grade. NOW THATS a fun way to learn.

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Post on 2011-03-10, 2:28 am by Guest

quite an intersting idea... though it sounds very much like my school. except instead of lions we use lions, tigers, and bears OH MY!

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Post on 2011-03-10, 5:33 pm by Guest

ya nice lol

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