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Something about food... Empty Something about food...

Food is great. The #1 source of energy and the #1 source of goodness. It's great and all, but there are a few things bad about it. FIRST thing is the same food you eat everyday. Thats right. The same thing everyday over and over again. You'll get sick of it. Sick of the taste and want something different.

Second thing bad about food is if the chef or cook thats cooking it. If the person has no idea how to cook or you know that the person is a bad cook, chances are the food is gonna be bad. I once went to a party. Some guy brought in a salad. It tasted pretty bad along with the smell of the sauce. I never touched that salad again.

Third thing bad about food is the cost. Yeah I know you heard that if food costs a lot then it must be good! Yeah right... I went to Victoria a few years ago for a vacation and the shit there is EXPENSIVE. The food wasn't even that great! I never knew A&W can sell crap burgers. Now I think A&W is the bomb, but paying 10 bucks for a combo deal isn't worth it in Victoria.

Fourth thing bad food is the quality. Ever had a dish that is so good? Yeah you know that one dish that is top on your list. Now if you were to have that dish again in another place. Chances are it won't be the same. I love seafood. I ate salmon before and its delicious. I went to a party at a restaurant one time and ordered the salmon. When I got it, it looked pretty good. I took my first bite and my happiness just dropped. The salmon was sooo dry. Like I mean super dry.

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