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Forum Rules, Updated 2/24/2011 Empty Forum Rules, Updated 2/24/2011

Post by ClockOFroh on 2011-02-24, 3:48 am

Welcome to Combined Gamers. While we do try to keep things flexible, there are a few rules that you'll need to know in order to stay out of trouble.

1. While you are entitled to say pretty much anything you want here, you won't be able to do much about it if you make a complete ass of yourself.
And please, try to be respectful of the other forum members. If you decide to go off on a wild tangent of flaming and trolling, the best-case scenario would be you losing your posting privileges for the particular section of the forums, and at worst, you'd end up being banned altogether. Please, think it over.

2. If you're new to a particular section of the forums, please make a note to read the rules for that section! I've taken the time to type them, so they're available to everyone. That being said, if you choose to ignore them, you'll have no one to kick in the pants but yourself when an admin strings together a few creative expletives in response to your spam.

3. On that note, spam will be almost immediately incinerated with the utmost emphasis. Now, if you accidentally posted something completely off-topic, don't sweat it; everyone makes mistakes. However, if it becomes a habit, someone might lay into you with a very brutal bat.

4. If a thread is roughly two weeks or older, please don't dredge it up with a necro-post unless it is of significant relevance and interest to do. Once in a while doesn't matter all too much, but again, if you make a habit of it you'll probably bring upon the wrath of your local admin.

5. Please keep threads on-topic. You're free to digress, but please (as a courtesy to your fellow members) make a new thread for it.

6. If you come across a post that breaks one of these rules, please do not incite more off-topic spam by pointing out the obvious, such as saying "lol necro post" or "spam", or any derivatives thereof. However, doing so professionally, such as saying "You really shouldn't be posting in threads that're 4 months old" is strongly encouraged over the others. Although, none of the above are desired.

7. Do not create an alias account unless your original account is maimed beyond repair. (This does not include bans, of course, which will be automatically carried over onto any aliases you create) In practice, the only circumstance under which the creation of a new account is acceptable is when you have completely forgotten your password and have no way of accessing your existing account. If you create an alias for a legitimate reason, please PM a mod about it as soon as the account is created. Do not create sock puppets. It will make you look like a complete idiot and if you make a habit of it, you will be treated as a spammer.

8. Show that you have at least made a serious effort to use correct spelling and grammar. You must speak and post in English! It's alright for your posts to be written in something other than university-level English, as long as you've at least tried to keep it readable. (And before you get any ideas, please don't waste our time with BS about how your embarrassing attempted English is actually some private language of yours)

9. Do not post any content of the following topics:

- Pornography
- Anything related to racism, sexism, discrimination of sexual orientation
- Illegal downloads (warez, torrents)
- Links to the forementioned
- Advertisements (for other clans, companies)

Follow all these rules, and you can make your forum experience an enjoyable one.
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