Something about video game music...

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Something about video game music... Empty Something about video game music...

Music. Its great one way or the other. To me music pumps me up for something like eating breakfast with some insane dumbass music from spongebob or something makes me ditch my spoon and just use my mouth. Laughing

Now video game music is just plain awesome. It gets you excited for that one advent that is coming up for gets you all worked up that some insane cool shit is gonna happen. Or you can listen to the OST and enjoy the memories of that game you play. The only time video game music is bad is when the music is complete shit OR the creators of the game decided to make a complete retarded remix of it which only sounds good 20% of the time.

I like video game music and listen to it when i feel awesome to make me feel super awesome. Now you know a video game is GOOD when it has either:
- a great awesome soundtrack (HALF-LIFE 2)
- the game kicks ass (BORDERLANDS)
- good story line (INSERT GAME HERE)

Anyways... sometimes if you are bored listen to some video game music. It might cheer you up or get you in a pretty good mood. Yeah sure people will think your a retard, but screw them. THATS NOW LITTLE BLOG/RANT ON VIDEO GAME MUSIC. Suspect

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Post on 2011-02-28, 11:42 pm by Hambone

I liked the music from Fallout 3/New Vegas. Sounds especially good through 4 10" Subs. Very Happy Lets see, Need For Speed seems to always have a nice rock soundtrack. Also, Grand Theft Auto is worth noting. (My favorite was San Andreas)

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