Nugget's Short Stories Part 1

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Nugget's Short Stories Part 1 Empty Nugget's Short Stories Part 1

SLAM! I jumped as i heard the front door crash against its frame. I listened closely as i heard a voice familiar yet, strange begin to speak in a voice so sweet i could swear i heard birds chirp but that all began to fade as soon as she began to leave. I felt my heart sink, as my parents walked into the room i began to think about what she had just said. "Your son was caught with a gun on school premisis, he is going to be spending a minimum of a year in jail." Just as my parents finished what they were saying, they asked me why the HELL i had a gun on a school-yard. I tried to answer, but i just couldent find the right words... the real reason i had the gun was because my friend had me hold it for him because he had just gotten pulled over while taking me to school so i shoved it in my backpack so he wouldent get arrested. How could i tell my parents that i was just trying to help a friend though? If anything it would just lengthen my jail sentence. So, i sat there looking at them with a blank stare... so they asked again, WHY DID U HAVE A GUN AT SCHOOL?!!?!?!! I told them "I DONT KNOW!". They then left and i sat there staring down at my feet, thinking about what i could do to get out of the mess i was in. About two minutes later my parents came back into the room i looked up only to see a bottle of water and a toasted cheese sandwich, and the words "Bed. Now." so i took the water and sandwich and trotted upstairs into my room. i downed the sandwich and waterbottle and realizing i had nothing to do because everything had been taken out of my room except my bed, so i fell asleep.

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Post on 2011-03-02, 12:28 am by polarbear

... DAMN. thats some fucked up shit right there. cyclops

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