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    Printers. They help in everyday life by printing stuff out for us. BUT! My printer is a piece of shit. I finished my assignment which is due tomorrow then my printer CRASHES ON ME. I was piss mad. Evil or Very Mad THAT WAS BULLSHIT! ARGH!!!! Then I fixed it and tried printing my assignment out, BUT IT SAID PRINTER NOT WORKING. PLEASE INSTALL PRINTER. My reaction was WTF!?!?! That made things fucking worse! I tried to reload my assignmentm, but fucking vista said that the file WASNT FOUND. OMFG!!! I LOST ALL OF MY WORK...

    by polarbear - Comments: 1 - Views: 252
  • 20110303
    YOUTUBE!!! One of the greatest video website thing where you can watch videos. It WAS great in 2005, but now it IS shit. Remember when you can watch videos without that fucking copyright shit that is in 50% of Youtube? That was fucking good until some stupid dumbass group decided to go apeshit and remove songs. Or what about when you can see all of your subscription videos? Yeah now they build a fucking tower of it so you actually have to scroll all the way down. Pathetic.

    You USED to be able to watch shows until they restricted it so only this country can watch it along with music....

    by polarbear - Comments: 6 - Views: 254
  • 20110303
    Well guys here it is my Dad want me to conncentrate on school work more which is great but he is taking my computer away for a while and i will not be able to play css for a long time but i will try to be on the forums and plzz keep me updated on things i would like that thx and this sucks Sad

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  • 20110302

    by fjhfigfjdagjafd - Comments: 2 - Views: 225
  • 20110302
    SLAM! I jumped as i heard the front door crash against its frame. I listened closely as i heard a voice familiar yet, strange begin to speak in a voice so sweet i could swear i heard birds chirp but that all began to fade as soon as she began to leave. I felt my heart sink, as my parents walked into the room i began to think about what she had just said. "Your son was caught with a gun on school premisis, he is going to be spending a minimum of a year in jail." Just as my parents finished what they were saying, they asked me why the HELL i had a gun on a school-yard. I tried to answer, but i just...

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  • 20110228
    Music. Its great one way or the other. To me music pumps me up for something like eating breakfast with some insane dumbass music from spongebob or something makes me ditch my spoon and just use my mouth. Laughing

    Now video game music is just plain awesome. It gets you excited for that one advent that is coming up for gets you all worked up that some insane cool shit is gonna happen. Or you can listen to the OST and enjoy the memories of that game you play. The only time video game music is bad is when the...

    by polarbear - Comments: 3 - Views: 230
  • 20110227
    Haven't done one of these since... Christmas so might as well do one so you can all laugh at me and say i'm a loser. Rolling Eyes

    7:30 AM - Wake up, brush my teeth, ate a bowl of noodles, drank a glass of milk.

    8:00 AM - Went outside, shovel snow from last night, almost slipped, looked like a dumbass.

    8:40 AM - Finish, back inside, play CS:S, got bored, left.

    9:00 AM - Thinking of bashing about youtube.

    9:01 AM - Decided not too.

    9:02 AM - Watched...

    by polarbear - Comments: 1 - Views: 198
  • 20110226
    A Blog - a web site containing the writer's or group of writers' own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites.

    So, basically you write about anything you want to.

    I want to start a thread to think of new names for Kitty. So if you have any idea's post them here Very Happy

    by Guest - Comments: 4 - Views: 207
  • 20110226
    Lag. One of my top 10 on my most hated things list. LAG is like a fly. It annoys you and never goes away. EVER. ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE A CRAPPY INTERNET SERVICE... *COUGH COUGH* TELUS *COUGH COUGH* horrible. i swear lag follows me everywhere ever since i used a new internet and got this piece of shit comp Vista. Did i mention that Vista is a shit horrible computer? Anyways... Vista + LAG + CRAPPY INTERNET = Unhappy polarbear. To be honest, THERE IS NO GOOD SIDE ABOUT LAG. i cant even run Youtube videos on 240p without lagging 50% of the time. it is soooo bad. MY PING AVERAGES AROUND 140 - 500....

    by polarbear - Comments: 3 - Views: 198
  • 20110226
    Snow. its such a great whatever it is. COLD, PRETTY WHITE STUFF COMING DOWN FROM THE CLOUDS! its awesome when its december but when theres no snow in december... IT SUCKS. snow is good when its fresh but when its harden a bit, its almost next to ice. MAKING SNOW PEOPLE IS FUN. MAKING SNOW ANGELS ARE FUN. RIDING YOUR CAR WITH SNOW ISNT FUN. Mad

    Now i live in vancouver where it rains a lot and as you know snow its pretty much rain when its cold, but ITS RARELY COLD MEANING I GET NO SNOW FOR CHRISTMAS! except...

    by polarbear - Comments: 3 - Views: 282
  • 20110226
    Ok just a short blog, nothing special. out of curiosity.. if our clan name is COMBINED GAMERS | ROGUE ELITES, then how come we have "Combine" next to our name on steam. shouldn't it be "Combined".

    Oh wait... i think i get why its called COMBINED GAMERS and why we have "Combine" instead of "Combined".

    Since its "COMBINED" we are Combine combined or something? scratch

    We have "Combine" instead of "Combined" next to our name shows everyone that we are the Combine instead of thinking...

    by polarbear - Comments: 1 - Views: 194
  • 20110225
    OK. volleyball is a cool sport and all but to be honest... ITS ANNOYING. bumping the ball is a pain. serving the ball is a bitch since when ever i serve it goes anywhere but straight. i can set it easily but thats the only thing i can do. i tried spiking it but instead of it going to the other side it somehow flies to the side... Mad thats my small "rant" on volleyball.

    BUT TODAY! i played doing all the things i said above and i was next to bad on my team. the only good thing was i SERVED IT RIGHT! i felt...

    by polarbear - Comments: 0 - Views: 191
  • 20110225
    after spending time writing blogs in the old clan site, i still don't know what exactly is a blog. is a blog consider a personal life journal or something? anyways.... i use blogs for ranting or getting stuff off my chest by writing them down for people to read and lol! at them thinking im some kind of retarded that has no life. then again i dont even know if people do read them. to be honest i dont really give a crap anymore to find out what a blog really is.... SO ILL USE BLOGS FOR RANTING!!!! WOOT!

    by polarbear - Comments: 1 - Views: 205
  • 20110225
    holy shit! is this for reals? is it finally here? the legendary blog sections? this is fucking great! cheers

    by polarbear - Comments: 0 - Views: 175

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