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Edgegamers or =(eGO)=™ is one the of "big boys" in the steam community with 9000 something members thinking they're are top of the best. Now you may think, "Wow! Those guys must be the best!". Now if you think that, you are silly. They are the worst clan ever created.

First of fucking all, they have the most bullshit rules ever.
-No swearing, no being a dick, have respect, obey admins even if they give the must retarded command, have respect, anyone has the right to speak (LOL! Yeah right!). Now thats some out of the most bullshit rules. Half of their rules are stupid and lies. You have an argument with some dude and the =(e)=™'s become all scared and calls an admin. Admin comes and puts an end to it in the must retarded way ever. "Stop fighting or i'm forced to do something I regret!".

Now thats just stupid. Now I know from experience. I've done it plenty of times. Now their admins think they can do all the shit they want just because they feel proud having admin access. However, 90% of them don't even know anything. Me and this one guy were bullshitting an admin because he doesn't admit he is walling (which he did). Now that admin with admin powers calls ANOTHER admin to handle US instead of him doing it. Now that is just pathetic. The admin that came to stop our bullshitting was also another dumbass. First kick was for "Cool your jets bro." and second kick for "Please be nice to others."

So I rejoined and started saying how bad of an admin he was because like I said, 90% of them don't know anything. So he then permaban me and the other guy. That just shows how silly =(eGO)=™ is.

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Post on 2011-03-17, 2:15 pm by Guest

hahahaha lol!

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Post on 2011-03-17, 3:25 pm by Guest

Lol that first admin was the biggest dumbass ever

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